Sewing DIY Corner Zip Card Wallet; 카드 지갑 만들기

It's been using the same card wallet as picture about 5 years.
I made new one with different fabric finally.
When I used it first time, I carry both card wallet and purse.
As you know we do not need to carry much cash and I hardly used the purse.
and ended up using only card wallet. 

More cards than I thought fit in the wallet.
You can also put cash notes foldedand coins.
Car and house keys as well because of key ring.

I only used this wallet for 5 years!

Card wallet without zipper is a bit uncomfortable for me 
because I need sometimes put coins.
Card wallet with zipper one side only make my fingers irratate 
when I get cards in and out.

But the zipper "L" shaped like the picture above solved both issues :)

6.5 x 5 inches (16.5 x 12.7cm) for poly pad, inner fabric, and outer fabric
2 x 1 inch (5 x 2.5cm) the same fabric of outer
zipper over 10cm long
key ring

The zipper would be fixed from the middle of long side
Before fix zipper, I folded long side in half and pinned to know the middle easy while I fix zipper. 

If the zipper fixed 90degree folded on corner, 
it would not be smooth to zipper open and close. 
so it's rounded.

It's missed in the tutorial video,
the end fabric of zipper should be sewed and fixed to inner fabric.

Sew and fix the end fabric of zipper, and cards can be smoothly in and out of wallet. 

For how to make, tutorial, please click the Video below, hope you enjoy.
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