Coasters at home are used for more than 3 years. 
I have been reminding myself again again that I need new coasters. Finally I got to it.

Although this coaster is white do not worry it does not get easily dirty.
I am using 3 months so far and it didn't need any wash yet.
and it is washable though :)

Please See below How I made

copy current coaster size on fabric, and cut with seams.

1 wadding & 2 fabric cuts, and strip for deco.
and then sew strip fabric to bottom part on fabric.

order of wadding - fabric - fabric (deco side face inside)

sew with leaving gap about 3-4cm

cut wadding seam close to sew line like picture

cut 4 corners of seams like picture

turn inside out through gap and close opening (work blind-stitch)

ironing will be needed and then done!

all day long ~ sewing sewing ~


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