DIY Indoor Slippers; Linen Slippers Making Tutorial

I have made fabric slippers. I have drawn my left foot after I put my foot on top of sketchbook.
and 0.25 inches added around front of my foot sketch, and 0.5 inches added around the heel and then connect with straight line those two. And seam allowance is 0.25 inches for all around.

Regarding batting material, I used thickest one among I have, and used two for sole, which is not that thick enough for slippers' sole I thought, but too thick for my home sewing machine. Oh someday, I hope I can buy industrial sewing machine~, anyway back to slippers' batting, and I had to finish with hand sewing for soles. 

For tutorial, please click the Video below, hope you enjoy.
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Thank you.

My dear lion doll, Leo, tried them on. 


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