the Chillies over the Flowers

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A new home.... hm.... oh, it is the new home for me 
but the house itself I can call an old house as it was built 50 years ago.
It's been 8 months since me and my partner moved in. 
Now It is the winter in July in Australia.

Previous house owner planted and left the hot chilli plant.
When Thai friend visited she told me it was Thai chilli, and she took some chillies and had with her dinner, and she cried!

Sometimes I also had some and let it be as it was pretty plant, flowering and fruiting during Summer and Autumn, and i did not think I will harvest them until now.
The plant was as tall as me (sorry, i wouldn't mention my hight) and branches were spread out, and we decided to give some pruning.

"Honey, hold them well, and I can take a beautiful picture." πŸ˜…

This amount of hot chilies is enough for 6 months to1 year
Rinse well --> dry water --> put in zip bag --> store in freezer
I take one or two when i feel like some spiciness in my meals.

Red ones give a hot tingle on lips.
Yellow and baby green ones are mild hot.

I am not a florist.
Just snip snip snip - this would work. 
Just pretty in my eyes 😜

the Chillies over the Flowers

 I love garden but I hate gardening.
Poor my partner, he has to all the time.
He was sometimes winging that I did not look after garden at all.
Oh well, I can't help my self, I hate gardening.

  the only reason I can't do gardening is
because of bugs, insects, warm, and any tiny little living things in the garden.

Garden gave me two faces. 
😍 😑

for My Korean Journal - the Chillies over the Flowers


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